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Man With One Leg Shocks All As He Ranks High In A Bodybuilding‬ Competition (Photos)

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The ‪‎China‬ Bodybuilding and Open Fitness Championship was held in ‪Chengdu‬ on July 13. At the event, a one-legged man named Yang Shuaihong became the subject of attention and acclaim after performing a variety of impressive physical feats.


Yang, 23, is a personal trainer in Chengdu. His first appearance in a bodybuilding contest made him well known among those in the fitness industry.

During his adolescence, Yang made a living as a dance instructor. However, a traffic accident two years ago led to the loss of Yang’s right leg. After the operation, worried that his mother would be overburdened with sadness and worry, Yang began physical therapy almost immediately. He was determined to recover as much of his former physical ability as possible.

Yang started to exercise in his hospital ward. Even though he was in a great deal of pain, he still persisted in doing his workouts. The training helped him to recover strength in his atrophied muscles and to minimize the muscle imbalance caused by his new prosthetic leg.





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