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60-yr-old cleric marries 6-yr-old girl, calls it religious offering

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​A 60-year-old cleric has been arrested in Afghanistan for marrying a 6-year-old girl.

India Today reports that the cleric, Mohammad Karim, had explained the reason for marrying the young girl, claiming it as a religious offering by the girl’s parents. However, when the girl’s parents were contacted, they claimed that she was kidnapped from the western part of Herat on the border of Iran and they did not know anything about the wedding.

Karim made it known that he did not marry the girl in secret and that he did before a crowd of about 50 people from the community, a claim which the girl’s parents said to be false.
According to an official from the Women Affairs Department in Ghor, the girl does not speak but repeatedly said that she was afraid of the cleric. The girl is currently in the custody of the women’s shelter in Ghor.

The local governor’s office said that the girl’s parents are on their way to retrieve her from the shelter home. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the governor’s office has confirmed the arrest of the cleric. The police said that investigation in the matter is underway.

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